Sketching Inspiration

I hope you had a chance to prepare for #InkTober because today marks the start of 31 days of drawing and sketching. Share your work on social media with the hashtag #InkTober, for all to see. Started by Jake Parker in 2009, the trend is meant to motivate artists of all skill levels around the world–including you–to practice art every day. We hope you’ll join us!

And if you’re new to sketching, you’ll appreciate the sketching lessons within Grant Fuller’s Start Drawing and Sketching Now. I’ve included a little snippet here in today’s newsletter to get you inspired and ready to draw. (Need the perfect sketchbook and pen for InkTober? Click here for a special offer!)

“Practice is important in developing good drawing skills, but professional instruction can save many hours of trial and error,” Grant says. “Think of drawing as a pleasant pastime, a process of searching and exploring. If you view the drawing process as some sort of test, you will only increase the pressure and decrease the pleasure. Learn instead to think of the drawing process as a form of freedom. Grab a sketchbook, and don’t be afraid to scribble and play.”

Sketching tips with Grant Fuller</p>
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